Lynel Farrell Consulting South Africa



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Application for Accreditation with the QCTO

  • Consult in accreditation applications to the QCTO
  • Compile application for accreditation to the QCTO
  • Guide, assist and capacity build existing and prospective providers' site visits
  • Evaluate and recommend internal systems, processes and procedures
  • Consult/Assist/Guide in Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Guide and assist Skills Development Providers with Pre-Site Visit preparations
  • For pricing and/or fees, feel free to request for a customised quote: Lynel@lfcsa.com

Application for Registration to the DHET

  • Assist and Guide Accredited Skills Development Providers with the requirements to register with the DHET (AWAIT NEW REQUIREMENTS)
  • Compile applications for registration to the DHET (AWAIT NEW REQUIREMENTS - NOT PUBLISHED YET)
  • Compile annual report submissions to the DHET for existing Registered Institutions
  • Assist in remedial submissions, in order to meet the requirements (existing Registered Institutions)
  • For pricing and/or fees, feel free to request for a customised quote: Lynel@lfcsa.com

Verifications and Site Visits (QCTO) 

  • Assist Skills Development Providers with pre-verification visits from QCTO
  • Evaluate previous verification reports conducted to identify gaps in order to give recommendations and action plans to be implemented
  • Consult/Assist/Guide in problematic administrative processes
  • Capacity Build teams of Assessors and Moderators regarding reporting, assessments, moderations conducted and the way forward
  • Assist/Guide/Consult on Assessment processes - identify gaps - streamline the verification process
  • Evaluate existing processes and make recommendations
  • Assist in building a better relationship with the QCTO (where needed)
  • Assist/guide Skills Development Providers with compliance regarding legislative requirements. 
  • Assist and guide Providers that has gone through a monitoring and evaluation cycle or QCTO audit with recommendations and developmental feedback.
Quality Assurance

  • Capacity Building for Organisations with Administration "hic-ups" (observe, recommend and assist with implementation).
  • Consult/Assist/Guide in Quality Management Systems
  • Assisting in Standard Operation Procedures, identifying the gaps, recommend solutions and the implementation thereof
  • Consult in practical ways of implementing various organisational procedures, processes and techniques in order to streamline the administration back-logs
  • Consult on simplifying current processes and procedures