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QCTO Application

New Application for Accreditation to the QCTO

  •  An email request is sent to Lynel@lfcsa.com for the service required to assist in compiling required documents for the Application.
  •  A list of required documents are forwarded to the Provider that forms part of the QCTO accreditation application
  •  Assistance and guidance is given, throughout the application process of compiling all documents (electronic format)
  •  Evaluation is conducted throughout the process of compiling all the required documents.
  •  NOTE: Learning Material is the responsibility of the Provider, as well as the learning material matrix (compulsory)
  •  Accreditation fee is paid to the QCTO (when/if required, once QCTO implements accreditation fee).
  •  Completed electronic accreditation application file goes through final evaluation for readiness to submit
  •  Online Application captured with proof of submission
  •  Guidance is given to Skills Development Provider of the next phase

Evaluation of Accreditation Application(s) compiled by Provider

  • Provider submits completed accreditation application file (electronic copy) to LFCSA for evaluation
  • Evaluation is conducted and should the file be incomplete, a list of required documents are emailed to the SDP
  • Required documents are obtained in order to complete application before submission of online application
  • Accreditation application is captured online with proof of submission
  • Guidance is given to SDP of what to expect after online submission.

Important notes:

1. One application file, per occupational qualification (PER ACCREDITED SITE OF DELIVERY)
2. Learning Material is not supplied by LFCSA, nor evaluated (this is the responsibility of the provider, and the provider's subject matter expert(s).
3. The proposed current turnaround time of accreditation to the QCTO (from date of submission: 90 days).  
4. Provider needs to take into consideration public holidays, weekends and possible delays with the current Lockdown Level stipulations.
5. Once application file for accreditation (per occupational qualification) have been submitted to the QCTO, LFCSA service offering is complete.

For pricing and/of fees, feel free to request for a customised quote: 
Lynel@lfcsa.com      or      lynel.farrell@gmail.com