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About Us

LFCSA's core business is quality assurance in Education, Training and Development.  My aim is to close the gaps between new or existing providers and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. I have been in the training industry (combination of training providers, SETAs and QCTO) for more than a decade. As a consultant, I do not offer canned services.  Every engagement is specific to meet the organisation's specific requirements and goals.

I use workable and practical ways in implementing various procedures/processes/techniques to make your administration nightmares something of the past. Implementing Quality Assurance in the ETD Environment (getting tried and tested, cost effective and more productive solutions in your administration and streamlining the way we work), simplifying your processes and procedures, building relationships with SETA/QCTO. 

The focus is to assist Accredited Skills Development Providers with the:

  • application for accreditation with the QCTO (Quality Council of Trades and Occupations)
  • compulsory application to register with the Department of Higher Education and Training (note the           new requirements have not been published as yet)
  • remedial submissions, annual reports and surveys required by the DHET for registered Institutions

Conducting internal and external evaluations/verifications/monitoring of ETD Providers in terms of given criteria and/or quality assurance principles for a variety of purposes including but not limited to accreditation applications, development of accreditation processes, improvement of provision. 

Plan, prepare, conduct, evaluate, analyse, verify, and interpret reports with regards to the Provider's quality assurance systems for learning provision and assessment. 

Report findings as well as make recommendations. Consulting Accredited Providers preparing for verifications of Skills Programmes / Learnerships / Qualifications and assisting the process to achieve best practice.

LFCSA evaluate the current situation and make recommendations for improvements that will suite your needs as well as the SETA, QCTO and/or DHET requirements.

The benefits of my services:

  • Dedication to your needs and requirements
  • Personally attending to your queries, needs and requirements
  • Keeping you up to date with the latest DHET / QCTO requirements and changes
  • Assist and guide you and your team accordingly
  • All information is kept confidential at all times
  • Receiving tried and tested as well as cost effective service delivery
  • Cost saving and more productive solutions in your administration